Gender Based

Lagmore Youth Project offers single gender based opportunities for young men and women across Lagmore and Mount Eagles. 

Good Relations

Lagmore Youth Project offers a range of opportunities to explore good relations, cultural identity and exploring self through a range of Education Authority, TBUC and PEACE IV ran programmes

Outreach Services

Lagmore Youth Project staff are highly notable on the ground in Lagmore reaching out to young people that often dont engage in exisiting services our teams can offer advice and support on the streets

LGBTQ+ Allies Support

Lagmore Youth Project team recognise the importance of work for young people from our LGBTQ+ Allies from across Colin.  We offer a specific programme and welcome young people from across the community to this programme.

Residential opportunities

What is youth work without the opportunities to take part in local and international residential opportunities contact our staff to hear more about the opportunities available to you